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What are the benefits of vegan glycerin?

Vegan Glycerin

Glycerin, also commonly called glycerol, is a colorless, odorless and non-toxic liquid with a sweet taste. Glycerin, which is miscible with water and alcohol, can be natural or synthetic. Natural glycerin is produced as a result of the hydrolysis of animal or vegan fats. Hydrolysis is the reaction of a substance with water and, as a result, the breakdown of a chemical bond. It is produced by chemical processes involving synthetic glycerin, petroleum, propylene and chlorine.

What Are the Benefits of Glycerin?

Some of the benefits of glycerine in terms of human health are as follows: – It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. – Moisturizes the skin. – Nourishes the skin. – Maintains the water balance of the skin. – Removes skin wrinkles. – Gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance. – Helps protect the skin against harmful UV rays. – Lightens the skin color. – Reduces acne. – Moisturizes the lips. – It is good for hand and foot calluses. – Effective against oral wounds. – Good for eczema and psoriasis problems. – Heals heel cracks. – Drains the dirt in the ear. – When applied to damp hair, it helps to repair and strengthen the hair, reducing shedding.

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