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Provides the skin shine and elasticity

Prevents wrinkle formation and protects the skin form skin problems such as eczema and acne

It prevents the degradation of collagen fibers by boosting the generation of punicic acid in the body that cause avoiding Wrinkles and other symptoms of aging

Through the antioxidants feature, skin elasticity is preserved as well as, the PH balance of the skin is maintained, resulting in a radiant and youthful looking skin

Facial Oil

How to Use


Squeeze enough amount into your hand and gently apply to your skin. Then, using your fingertips, gently massage your face. It can be used either in the morning or at night 

Apply an appropriate amount of emulsion to your face after cleansing your skin; it is recommended to be used at night so the skin can absorb it better

We recommend you at the beginning to keep using it on a daily basis to get the most benefit out of it



Can Use

Our product is suitable for men and women of all ages as it is natural and vegan product

It is suitable for all types of skin

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Eye Serum


to Use

It's safe to apply on the face, neck, hands, and any other dark areas that need care and improvement

Natural Cosmetics


Argan oil, pomegranate blossom oil, vegan collagen, vitamin E, and gold powder "24 carat"

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It should be kept at room temperature in shady, dry, and cool environment


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Free of alcohol, synthetic fragrances, chemicals and coloring. Cruelty Free not been tested on animals.