Rich with antioxidants and has vasoconstricting properties.

Refreshes and deep cleans the skin, reducing the appearance of acne.

Cleans the skin from bacteria and microorganisms through its antimicrobial structure.

Reduces stains and skin redness.

Refresh and clean dark areas and the skin.

Helps reducing skin wrinkles.

Reduces and treat skin issues such as sensitivity, eczema, acne, and pimples.

How to Use


Its recommended to drops Several drops about “10/15 drops” on a cotton ball, along with a few drops about “15 drops” of lemon

After that, gently massage the skin with your fingertips. As the product is vegan and natural its Suitable and safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin

It is recommended to use the product before getting a shower and before 1-2 hours before getting outdoor, could be used in the morning or evening

Its recommended to use the product everyday for a month that have its results appear in the first week. After a month, it is suggested that you use it 1-2 times a week

Face Care


Can Use

The product is suitable for men and women of all ages because as it is fully natural and vegan. Suitable for all skin types


to Use

It can be applied to the face, neck, hands, and any other darkened areas that need care and improvement

Face Serum
Natural Cosmetics


Pure water, alum and frankincense

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It should be kept at room temperature in shady, dry, and cool environment


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Free of alcohol, synthetic fragrances, chemicals and coloring. Cruelty Free not been tested on animals


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