Provides intense tightening of the skin and gives it a stretched appearance

Helps reducing age lines and prevents new wrinkles on the skin

Through the gold ingredient it helps protecting the moisture and elasticity

structure of the skin

Gives a healthy and natural glow to the skin. And clears up acne on the face

Provides smooth feel for the skin while lighting the skin color and helps improving the skin cells regenerating.

Brightens the appearance of the face as well as It gives the appearance of being fluid and alive

The shimmer cream helps supplying oxygen to the skin cells while protecting them from free radicals


How to Use


Gently rub into the skin in circular strokes from bottom to top after applying makeup or without makeup

Then gently massage over the face and neck with fingers. The product is suitable for outdoor use and could be used as make-up as well

It helps to improve the skin, keeps it young, and prevent skin aging if used on a regular basis

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Can Use

Shimmer Cream is a natural and vegan product that is recommended for ladies of all ages. Suitable for all skin types

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Gold Eyes


to Use


It is suitable for use on the face and neck

Natural Cosmetics


Candelilla wax, Coconut Oil, vegan Collagen, Vitamin A, Soy wax, Gold Powder "24 Carat" and vegan Glycerin

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It should be kept at room temperature in shady, dry, and cool environment


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Free of alcohol, perfin, petrolatum, beeswax, synthetic wax, synthetic fragrances, chemicals and coloring. Cruelty Free not been tested on animals


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