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What are the benefits of gold powder?

Gold powder:

Gold powder cure is a natural skin care technique made with 24 settings. Gold powder cure has many reparative benefits on the skin. It is these benefits that make the skin look healthier, especially purifying the skin.

Gold powder generally provides nourishment, repair and restructuring of the skin. It is effective in all skin problems.

Benefits of Gold Powder:

While gold powder cure provides intense tightening of the skin, it provides a taut skin.

Golden powder prevents new wrinkles on the skin and helps to disappear in fine lines.

Thanks to the substance contained in gold, it protects the moisture in the skin and does not disturb the elastic structure of the skin.

While gold prevents the cells of the skin from dying, it slows down the possibility of aging to a minimum.

Gold powder makes the skin glow in a healthy way.

Gold powder can be applied to people of all ages, even pregnant and lactating women.

While the gold powder session duration is as short as 1 - 1.5 hours, it can be easily applied not only to the face but also to the hand, neck and neck area.

Gold powder helps to reduce acne on the face.

It gives a velvety appearance while lightening the skin color.

While it is good for skin blemishes, it revives dead cells.

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