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Regardless of age, gender, period, the causes of acne problem, which many people suffer from, have always been a matter of curiosity. Pimples are caused by the combination of overproduced oil, i.e. sebum, and dead skin, which clog the pores. But there are many types of acne that have different triggers. The relationship between acne and stress, which can show different formations in the body, has been researched for many years.

Until the last 10 years, research has not been enough to prove the relationship between stress and acne formation. However, many studies over the past 10 years support a relationship between stress and acne formation.

According to the scientific data revealed by the latest studies, the answer to the question of whether acne occurs due to stress will be yes. Because the skin, like many other organs of the body, is affected by stress. For example, pimples observed during a stressful period look slightly different from those observed during a non-stressful period. Compared to normal periods, acne occurring during stressful periods; look like larger, bumpless pimples.


Lisa Garner, Professor of Dermatology at the University of Texas, has also conducted studies confirming a relationship between stress and acne. According to Garner's studies, if someone with acne problems is in a stressful period, sebum cells act up. This causes more acne formation, clogging of hair cells and more oil production on the skin. Thus, the increased stress level with increasing acne causes more acne. Similarly, sebum-producing cells act as receptors for stress hormones. That is, while experiencing stress; hormones trigger sebum, and sebum triggers hormones; They turn this period into a vicious circle.

Another study was conducted at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 2007. According to this study, which was based on high school students in Singapore, acne worsens during exam periods compared to low-stress periods like summer vacation. That's why the researchers who conducted the study think that the increase in acne may be due to higher levels of sebum produced during stressful times. However, research shows that psychological stress does not significantly increase sebum production in teenagers, and there may be other underlying causes of stress-related acne.