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Since ancient times, in pursuit of the beauty of the woman's face, a weighty arsenal of means has been used - herbal extracts, plant extracts, melt water, natural clay... A modern woman uses cosmetics to keep her skin young and attractive for as long as possible. various creams, emulsions, masks, tonics, liquid gels help him in this. Do not lose relevance and fat for the face. In this article, we will talk about how to use these gifts of nature to keep your skin face fresh and they help solve some cosmetic problems.

Benefits of Using Care Oil

Any emulsion is a storehouse of useful vitamins and microelements. As a rule, the composition of emulsions includes vitamins A, E, B, P, C and saturated fatty acids. They contribute to the development of the skin's own collagen and elastin. Perfectly moisturizes, nourishes, shines and fills with health.

Thanks to the oil, it is full of useful elements necessary for the processes of skin regeneration and healing, such as iron, zinc, magnesium, silicon, potassium, phosphorus. The natural product does not contain fragrances and parabens, and its high efficiency, as well as ease of application, is very popular among the fair sex.

Coconut oil perfectly moisturizes the skin, making it an ideal product for the sensitive type, especially in winter. The tool prevents flaking and dryness, fills the skin with nutrients. Probably the best remedy for oily and mixed type is grapeseed oil. It perfectly moisturizes the skin, makes it supple and velvety. At the same time, the emulsion combats an oily shine, as a result of which facial skin becomes dull and pores are less noticeable.

Jojoba oil can be recommended as a remedy for skin care with acne. It perfectly copes with dermatitis, seasonal and hormonal rashes. store the product in a dry and cool place, protected from direct sunlight - only so that it retains all its beneficial properties. Oil-added masks should be used immediately after preparation, these masks should not be stored. application.

As a make-up remover, apply a few drops of product on a cotton pad and rub your eyes with gentle movements. To remove mascara, do not rub your eyes unevenly, lift makeup in the direction of eyelash growth. After that, you should wash your face with water.

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